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Shiseido grants green technology license to Toyo University

Latest Post : 4 October 2021

Japanese firm Shiseido has granted a licence to Toyo University for the latter to develop cosmetics using green technology.

The licence allows the Tokyo-based academic institution to use Shiseido’s technology listed in the WIPO GREEN database.

Toyo University’s Sugomori Boisen project saw students develop a sustainable, low environmental impact hand serum by applying Shiseido’s low-energy manufacturing technology.

The Boisen hand serum features an extract of boysenberry, a specialty of Tatebayashi City, Gunma Prefecture, a neighboring area of the university’s Itakura campus.

The Boisen products are manufactured by Toyo University’s contract manufacturer, CS Labo Inc.

The university plans to continue developing cosmetics using this technology as part of its research and educational activities.

Shiseido joined WIPO GREEN in March 2020 as the latter’s first partner company in the cosmetics industry and this is the first time that the technology has been licenced to a third party.

“As global environmental initiatives are more important than ever before, we further promote widespread application of our environmental technologies across society in order to contribute to the resolution of green issues,” said a spokesperson.

“Towards our corporate mission ‘Beauty innovations for a better world’, aiming to solve global environmental issues through various activities including wipo green, we will create a sustainable future together with various stakeholders based on  our “dynamic harmony’ R&D philosophy.”


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