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Latest Post : 4 October 2021

STILA launch collection of colors Tequila Sunrise Collection inspired by the morning sky. There is a beautiful, portable, all-in-one palette. because there is both eye shadow and a multi tool for applying cheeks and lips There is also a black eyeliner. It will be for release on March 27 in the US.


CHANEL launch eye serum that can care for the eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows It is a new type of beauty essence that increases the density of eyelashes and eyebrows and approaches all directions around the eyes while clearing eye problems such as bears, dullness, and wrinkles. It will be for release on April 1 in Japan

BOBBI BROWN launch new product Extra plump lip serum Lips containing 8 kinds of botanical oils make your lips plump and bouncy each time you apply them. It is also a nice point to keep a lively luster for 8 hours with a faint complexion. It will be for release on April 15 in Japan