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A helper that will make your hair soft and lively

Latest Post : 4 October 2021

   Anageline is extracted from White Sweet Lupine, it riches glutaminated peptide, oligoelements and vitamins. Anageline’s function will help to increase the density of the hair’s roots, ratio of Anagen/Telogen phase (Stimulation of soft hair’s roots is increasing). It can reduce the problem of hair loss (root hair).


* The results can be changed in 12 weeks or 49 days which is the action as follows:

  1. Stimulation of the production of 1- transglutaminase in the process of keratinization, increasing cell metabolism (respiration).
  2. Stimulation of the formation of VEGF (Vascular epidermal Growth Factor), thus it helps to collect transportation through various tubes or blood vessels will be better.
  3. Inhibition of the activity of Enzyme 5α– reductase II. It helps to reduce itchy scalp and balancing of hormones.